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Windy City Plumbing In Chicago Illinois Pricing.

Service Description Additional Notes Price (USD)
Service Calls
Homeowner/Townhouse $25.00
Condo Associations $35.00
Commercial/Industrial $60.00
Hourly Charge
Condo Associations $90.00
Homeowner/Townhouse $100.00
Commercial/Industrial $135.00
ER Calls Two hr min
5 P.M-7A.M. Homeowner/Townhouse $200.00 after 1st hr $270.00
Weekends Condo Associations $250.00 after 1st hr $350.00

Stem Labor only
Replacement Stem not included $250.00
Garbage Disposal Disposal not included
Homeowner/Townhouse $185.00
Commercial/Industrial $225.00
Replace Waste
Does not include P-trap/ Drum
Overflow Homeowner/Townhouse $250.00
Condo Associations $325.00

Replace Shower/ Valves not included
Tub/Faucet Homeowner/Townhouse $550.00
Commercial/Industrial $750.00
Flood Control Exceptions may vary $6,500.00
No Electric included.
Clean-out Installation
Vary upon depth and location. $2,600.00

Service Description Additional Notes Price (USD)
Rod Sinks Covers up to two hours of service
Bathroom Homeowner/Townhouse $100.00 after 1st hr $135.00
Condo Associations $100.00 after 1st hr $150.00
Kitchen Homeowner/Townhouse $100.00 after 1st hr $165.00
Condo Associations $100.00 after 1st hr $175.00
Bath Tub Homeowner/Townhouse $100.00 after 1st hr $180.00
Condo Associations $100.00 after 1st hr $195.00
Ejector Pump Homeowner/Townhouse $550.00
Condo Associations $650.00

Sump Pump Typical Installation
Homeowner/Townhouse $325.00
Condo Associations $450.00

Jetting Sewer Homeowner/Townhouse $550.00
Condo Associations $850.00

Jet Grease Line Homeowner/Townhouse $350.00
(Inlet) Condo Associations $550.00

Pump Homeowner/Townhouse Depends on depth $350.00 - $550.00
Catch Basin Condo Associations and size $550.00 - $850.00

*New prices effective on February 1, 2016

*Emergency rate hours are billed for any calls between the hours of 5:00pm–8:00am that require immediate assistance.

*Any jobs where the material cost exceed $500.00; material costs must be paid in advance before scheduling is done.

*Most jobs performed will be covered under a one year warranty for labor.

*We offer the option to pay by check or pay via credit card: Visa, MasterCard, Discover. Contact us directly for if you would prefer to make your payment with your credit card instead of sending a check.

*If you should have any questions or would like to request our services, we can be reached at 708-426-5723.

*Existing customers will receive the original pricing.

*$25.00 off your next invoice for referring a new client.

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